About Us

Jaana band led by Mahsa Golmakani started its activities in Toronto last spring. The main core of this band is composed of a group of talented female musicians based in Toronto, who made their official debut recently with a music video entitled Morgh-e-Lahooti, featuring a poem by Rumi and shown on Radio Javan. The music-video was widely met with a positive response and has attracted many viewers since. The Composition of this song, as well as some of the other pieces to be performed during the festival, was completed by Mr. Hamid Behroozinia, one of the most successful young Iranian musicians. Recording, mixing, and mastering of the song was completed by Toronto-based artist and master violinist and kamancheh player, Mr. Amirali Kamali. Mahsa Golmakani, a graduate of musical studies and a student of Ms. Mina Oftadeh and Mr. Pashang Kamkar plays the Santoor. Other members of the band are Roya Sepehri and Zohreh Alizadeh (vocals), Tahereh Salimi (santoor bass), Mona Moradi (Tonbak and Bandir) and Paria Safadaran (daff and dayereh) Jaana aims to present contemporary Persian music in the format of a beautiful and different album and is planning performances in Canada and the US in support of Iranian art and culture.

Mahsa Golmakani



Mahsa started her career as a Santur teacher soon after completing her studies at the Music academy in Tehran. During the years 1996 to 2005, she was teaching at several music schools in Tehran such as Nay Nava, Iran, Hengam, Naghmeh, Nayreeze and Sorna. In 2005 after moving to the Netherlands Mahsa continued her career as a music teacher at the Iranian Music School Parnian in Amsterdam. During her time in the Netherlands Mahsa had a close corporation with the Mezrab group led by Hamid Motebassem.

Currently, Mahsa is teaching privately Santur and Piano in Richmond Hill. She is also teaching Santur and music for children according to Orff methodology at Zangouleh Music School, located in North York, Ontario.

Between 1999 and today Mahsa has been on several tours throughout cities in Iran, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland and Canada with the groups such as Khonya, Kereshmeh and Ali-Reza Assar and his group. She is regularly performing at various events and is actively participating in the traditional Persian music scene throughout GTA.

In addition to her teaching activities, Mahsa has composed and recorded several songs for a children program sponsored by the Iranian broadcasting Corporation.

Hamid Behrouzinia



Hamid Behrouzinia started Tar training from age 8 under mentor of his uncle “Hussein Behrouzinia” And his training continued by Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi. Then he entered the Conservatory of Music therefore he could train under mentor of popular teachers such as Mr. Hamid Shojaee and Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi. After his graduation that he developed his Tar training by Houshang Zarif, Arshad Tahmasebi, Aydin Oliyanasab and Dariush Pirniakan. And also learned Tombak under mentor of Siamak Banayi.

Behroozinia not only won second place of Iran Music Festival in 1995, but also won the first place of the Iran Music Festival in Solo in 1996. The past years he has worked as a musician and composer in many concerts in Iran, Asia, Europe and Canada with youth groups, Akhavan, Tolou, Salk, Qalandar, Chopi, Khonia, Taal, Ghamar and Lotus.

He has been the director and composer of Lotus Band. One of the famous works of him was Lotus Band in the album of “Farzandane IRAN” with the singing of Sina Sarlak. This album was nominated for best album of the year on behalf of Iran’s Music House, in 2010.

This composer was also able to join or membership of international groups such as Melody For Dialogue.

“New Silk Road” Group with the leadership and determination of Mr. “Ten Don”, who is one of the largest and most famous composers in the world, perform in one of the countries located on the Silk Road’s every year.

Melody For Dialogue Group under the supervision of UNESCO, and each year, musicians from 20 countries will gather in a group and hold a concert under the slogan of peace through music.

He is also on the verge of Compilation a book which name is “Etude for tar”.

Behrouzinia was playing on many albums and play on radio and television and after “Farzande IRAN” as a successful album, he compose and play in a new album in the name of “Safari ta Roshanayi”.

Amirali Kamali



Amirali started learning violin and Persian mood (Radifs) under the instruction of Ostad Alireza Cheraghchi at the age of 8.

Has Performed with Parnian Orchestra in many festivals such as Fajr and Youth.
He established a band called ” AVA” in India and toured for 2 yeas in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Ahmad Abad. He also collaborated with many Indian musicians and had the honor to work with one of the well-known singers in Bollywood named Kavita Seth which Performed all across the country. Established a band called “Eastern” in Pune and performed his original compositions with the virtuoso Flute player Bikramjit Singh in Rajestan State.
performed and recorded a studio album with the band called ” B sharp “. Performed with Vesal Ensemble in Tirgan Festival and recorded a studio album with the ensemble.
Amirali is known as an instrumentalist and he also plays Kamancheh, Sarangi, Baghlama, Spanish guitar, Piano, Oud, Tanboor.
He is currently working on his first Solo album which will be released soon.
He also studied Electrical engineering but his passion for music made his way to study music in York university.